I’m Mike, thanks for dropping by. Hopefully, you’re having a wonderful day. If not think upon how you can overcome what caused you to become dismayed. After all, it takes more energy to frown so, turn that thing upside down.  I’m an extreme socialist who thrives on positive vibes and energy. I live in a blazing hot desert, we call it Arizona, but then again at times, I could think of a few other choice words.

During my spare time, I enjoy things like, taking on a new trail, re-discovering what was once lost while deciphering why it became lost. I enjoy spending time with friends, family, the doggie, and other various activities. I’ve never met a stranger only those whom I haven’t met yet. In the past, I used to write poetry as a form of inner reflection, but now, I simply write for the sheer passion. In my eyes, we’re all equal so, let’s embark on each journey as a whole while discovering what really makes us tick. And may we never forget he who walks with us for it is through him all things were made possible.


A fallen angel has landed during medieval times. Quills of A Queen is an epic medieval fantasy sure to leave you wondering. Dezirae thrives from the beauty of this world but is forced to live in a world of fear and darkness by her captor. Mesmerized by a mysterious light hovering over a nearby mountain, Dezirae decides it’s time for a late night stroll. What she stumbles across during her walk blows her mind. She is best to be careful of what she asks for, and she may not be ready for what the mystical forest unveils to her. Could her discoveries lead to new beginnings or will she fall?

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