A Son Never Forgets


With a forward-thinking thought process, my intentions are to seek out financial relief to help my father. Thursday the 22nd of August 2019, my dad had what appeared to be a stroke, only to have it be discovered he had a brain tumor.  With my dad being down, and my mom on a fixed income, I‘ve found myself in a chaotic confusing whirlwind of helplessness with no sign of relief in sight for any of us, and certainly no peace of mind.

I go over to there house every day to ready a room and sort things out in hopes that he comes home soon. I can ‘t turn around without the phone ringing and a stack of bills or late notices in the mailbox.  As you can imagine he lays in I.C.U with the hopes of seeing another day.  Due to the nature of his condition, he may not come home in the manner in which he left. I need to think of things I can do should this be a short term problem.  I can’t even begin to describe the emotional state my mother and I are in as I’m trying to remain strong for all of us.

Although he can’t speak clearly at the moment, I can see the fear and concerns in his eyes. It’s critical that funds start coming in so that I can fight this battle for him. If there is someone you know that’s in a position to make a contribution, please pass the campaign along.

Thank you and God Bless!



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