Smiley V.S Grumpy Pants

Attorney Smiley Car shouted at the jury.

“Whether the car in question actually has the ability to see more clearly is irrelevant to the case. It is more important that you examine the qualities, the traits, and the uniqueness this car delivers. Perhaps the driver actually could see through the screen. Do we actually know that to be a fact in this case? No, we do not. Take Lightning Mcqueen for example. He was an underdog but came back with lightning fast speeds after being lost. Did we accuse him of not being able to see clearly? No, we did not. So what if the offspring resting on the top is along for a joyride, is it hurting anyone? No! I hope that you make your best judgments based on the following factual evidence provided in the case, and if not, I hope you to go and watch Cars!” Attorney Smiley Car briskly swirved becoming neutrally poised.

Defense attorney Grumpy Pants stood shouting, “Objection your honor! The plaintiff clearly is trying to manipulate-”

“Overruled! Judgment for the plaintiff. I find no relevant or irrelevant information in your written proposal Mr. Grumpy Pants. May the plaintiff laugh and carry on as intended, case dismissed”. Judge Wheel N Deal announced.


The Daily Post | Word Pomot: Irrelevant

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