Calling Kindle Readers


If you are a Kindle unlimited subscriber I would like to invite you to download my newest release.  Although it is a short story, it’s one you’re sure to love. As of yesterday, I entered it into a contest. Have a good read and share the love if you know someone who is also a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. Whether your choice is a peep or a Tweet thanks in advance.  If the preview link breaks click here. 🙂


Hello, my friend. Welcome to my world. I am Dezirae. I would like to share with you a short tale about my life. It all began during medieval times. I was a descendant of a royal bloodline of fallen angels. I desired love and peace just as anyone. I had a love for the beauty of the wilderness and all that surrounded us during those times. Like many, I desired peace, love, and devotion to one, but found myself in a whirlwind of chaos, pain, and misery. I had entrusted myself to one of the worst relationships a woman could endure.

Unfortunately for me, no one was able to hear my cries. That was my captor’s doing as he insisted on keeping me in secrecy. We lived in a secluded area surrounded by golden fields of grain. Just a short distance from the hut was a trail leading into the nearest village. Pristine waters flowed freely along that path, but just the other side of the water’s edge, there was a mysterious forest guarded by an intriguing duo. Little did I know, I should have been careful as to what I had asked for. And be careful as to your own thoughts my friend as the ending could just be the beginning.

If you have any coin to spare will you now gallop at my side?
This is a short story suitable for most audiences with the effort of reaching most reading levels.

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