Lost Within an Ark of Darkness

The following is a 1st chapter rough draft of what I once thought to be lost within an ark of darkness during a move. I might as well make this a short story day, YAY! Anyway, get your read on folks. 🙂

Chapter 1

An estate auction was done, all of the necessary documents were in order, and the transformation of her new life began.

Settling into the newly renovated firehouse, echo’s filled the air as meditative music played throughout the fire station. The thirty-two-year-old Swedish architect, Elliana Bergman started fulfilling her dreams. Wearing only a white oxford button down shirt with one bare foot resting on the foot pedestal of her drafting chair, she sat hand drafting in the midst of the night in the greenhouse. Her customized addition to the building had been renovated into her drafting room. The soft glimmering of the moonlight revealed her tall slender silhouette, long slightly curled hair resting on her lower back. After scribbling in her name on the far right side of the drafted presentation, she gazed up at the night’s sky through the pristine glass. Realizing the hour by the moon’s position she rolled up the blueprint while securing it inside a cardboard tube, and proceeded to write out a mailing address.

After completing the task at hand, she began feeling relieved and dreary, all at the same time. Grabbing the remote from a nearby table, she turned off her stereo system while proceeding up the black metal framed staircase. As she turned to her right, Elliana entered what was now the master bedroom on the second floor. In the center of the spacious room, a large elegant handcrafted wood canopy bed revealed itself as the focal point. Wooden beams were secured to the ceiling as intertwined rope draped down from the corners resting alongside the burgundy and gold floral patterned drapes with tied back tassels, and inside the bed, a white mosquito net gently tied to the side. She stood at her bedside with outstretched arms while letting out a slight yawn. After lighting a candle on her nightstand, she slowly began undoing the buttons on her shirt then slipping out of it.

Craving fresh air along with her favorite nightcap, she walked over to an elegant table set near French doors. Reaching down to the table, she poured herself a glass of Amon Ra Shiraz while lighting a clove cigarette, and then proceeded to open the doors while stepping out onto her large balcony. The moonlight revealed her natural beauty along with the outline of a surrounding hillside. Taking a sip from her glass and a puff of her cigarette, the Midnight’s breeze gently swirled around her body. The wind blew through her hair as she stood to observe the serene surroundings. Pausing momentarily in thought, she took another sip of her wine. Thank you, father and father’s father for all that you have provided me with. I couldn’t have asked for a more unique and pleasant place to call home. Crushing out half of her clove cigarette, she placed it in the ashtray. Swallowing the remains of her wine she placed the empty glass on the table aside from the glass tray. Elliana spun around while re-entering her bedroom for a nights’ rest leaving the door slightly ajar.

Beaming light of a new day pierced through a large picture window resting on her slightly covered body, taking in breaths of the fresh morning scent from her natural surroundings, she gently begins to awaken. Tossing aside the silk cream colored sheets intertwined inside a burgundy comforter, she slowly leans over the beds’ edge resting her feet on the floor, welcoming a new day. Slinging her hair back, she shuffles off to the bathroom for an early morning shower. Reaching in, she begins twisting two ivory colored knobs. Hissing air escapes from the pipes while she turns the knobs to adjust the water temperature. Rapidly the warming water flows freely as steam starts to cover her body and fills the room. Emerging condensation slowly covers a large mirror mounted above a marble counter and sink.

Emerging condensation slowly covers a large mirror mounted above a marble counter and sink. Soothing water temperatures run across her hands, and she enters her large walk in shower while closing the sliding glass doors behind her. Water jets stream across her body as she begins walking further in, rainfall shower heads from above begin soaking her hair. Tilting her head back slightly her eyes become fixated on the round metallic shower heads installed below an older pipe while she begins shampooing her hair. Forming soap suds softly glide down her natural body entering the drainage area. The freshness of the water creates feelings of rejuvenation as she washes away the aches, cares, and stresses of the day before while turning off the water nozzles, and begins opening the doors while stepping out of the shower.

Soothing water temperatures run across her hands, as she enters the large walk in shower, closing the sliding glass doors behind her. Water jets stream across her body and rainfall shower heads begin soaking her hair. Tilting her head back slightly, her eyes become fixated on the round metallic shower heads installed below an older pipe. As she begins shampooing her hair, forming soap suds softly glide down her natural body entering the drainage area. The freshness of the water creates feelings of rejuvenation as she washes away the aches, cares, and stresses of the previous day. Turning off the water nozzles, she opens the doors and steps out of the shower.

Reaching for a nearby towel, she leans over to wrap her soaked hair, and places a body towel around herself, she uncovers the towel on her head and runs. Realizing her morning hunger, she returns to the master bedroom, entering a spacious walk-in closet in search of clothing. After slipping into undergarments and stockings, she wiggles her way into a black pin striped skirt. A red blouse dangles as she gives it a gentle tug freeing it from the hanger, and then tucking it in. Slipping on a jacket that matches her skirt, she slips her feet into a pair of red heels.

Approaching a small hallway she turns and begins walking down the flight of stairs. Clicking from her heels meeting each metal step echoed throughout as she proceeded towards her greenhouse. Reaching over to a small hook which hung from the wall by the door she grabbed her brown Louis Vuitton purse, slinging it over her shoulder, and grabbed her completed project from the night before. With keys in hand, she pressed the unlock feature on her key chain, entering her champagne colored Audi S8, and spun off into town in search for breakfast.

Approaching a stop light after reaching the towns’ border, she sat patiently while glancing around. Distracted by the abrupt sound of a horn she glanced over to an awaiting car alongside her “Hey, gorgeous! Let’s go have some fun!” All the while whistling and shouting at her, Elliana reached up as if to scratch her face only to reveal her middle finger. Sit on it and twirl is what you can do for fun you fucking jerk! She thought as the light changed, her focus returned to the business at hand. She pulled into a nearby post office to send off her presentation. While exiting the building, she noticed a place to dine for breakfast in the not too far distance.

Navigating through the parking areas of the shopping center, she spots an eye catching sign. While scouting out the lot, she discovers an open spot. She parks the car and makes another quick observation. A tall, lean, well-groomed gentleman wearing black slacks with a burgundy Polo, and a five O’ clock shadow, excited while assisting an elderly lady, in a wheel chair as a cab slowly approached. Softly, the elderly woman reached up and tossed her arms around his broad trusting shoulders as he stooped over and gently started lifting her from the wheelchair. His hair drooped slightly over his eyes as he started lifting her, his defined arms began filling his shirt sleeves as he gently placed her in the backseat, and then secured the elderly woman with the seatbelt. Once she was secured in the vehicle, he placed the wheelchair in the trunk and then gave the driver the okay to take off.

After watching this humanitarian act, she thought how nice of a gesture. He began walking back towards the main door, briefly, he stood as if to catch a breath of fresh air while brushing back his brown hair. The lean six-foot figure remained outside while she continued observing his actions. Standing tall, he smiled, greeting new comers while continuing to hold the door open. After slightly adjusting his shirt, he glanced around to quickly re-enter. Instantly her conclusions were drawn I’ll certainly find something delightful to eat here. A welcome sign hung just above the double door entry that swiftly opened while being greeted by a hostess.  As she was escorted to her table, Elliana took in the aroma of freshly made blueberry muffins and brewing coffee which deepened her hunger. Pulling her chair out, the host placed a menu before her as she took her seat, and then informed her that her server would be with her momentarily.

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