Established Authors V.S New Writers

If you’re an aspiring author like myself, then you know how frustrating marketing can be. I see it on a continuous basis. Large companies claiming to be there to help the indie authors rise to the top, but constantly advertise the big author names in their marketing campaigns. Now, how helpful to the average writer is that?

I have more odds of someone clicking on the image of my latest book cover and making a discovery than I do being seen in a whirlwind of established authors. Now that Amazon has launched what is essentially a pay per-click program, here are my thoughts.

Until the book itself gains credibility, why would I market a $0.99 cent book off of a $0.35 cent royalty? Sure we can increase our price according to what the markets telling us. Who has the upper hand here? Established writers or, new aspiring indie authors?

Have the self-publishing platforms navigated from their core values?

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